Here is How Business Leasing a Car in the Cardiff Area Works

By Interlease
Here is How Business Leasing a Car in the Cardiff Area Works
Renting a car? Too expensive to be a long term solution.

Buying or financing? Too much commitment.

There's a reason that car leasing is more popular than ever: it's the perfect solution to the car conundrum. Business leasing is an effective, affordable way to get the perfect vehicle for your business at the perfect price. If you're interested in business car leasing in Cardiff, but you're not sure how the process works, keep reading. We'll explain the business leasing process so that you can be confident when it's time to lease your vehicle.

Get Started with Business Car Leasing

So you've decided that car leasing is the right choice for your business. Car leasing, also known as "contract hiring," combines the flexibility of renting with even better affordability than financing or outright buying. 

Still not sure if business leasing is the right option for your business? Then consider these benefits:

- Low monthly cost compared to financing
- Can change cars often as your needs change, or as new models roll out
- Leasing doesn't come with a large up-front deposit
- There's no risk of owning a vehicle that depreciates in value
- There's no resell hassle: when you're finished with the vehicle, return it to the leasing company

Plus, leasing for business can be even more affordable than leasing for personal use. That's why more and more businesses are choosing contract hiring for their business's vehicles.

Choose Your Business Leasing Preferences

The top benefit of business car leasing is that you can tailor the terms of your lease to your unique needs. That means your first step in leasing a car is to think about the options that will work best for you.

You'll want to think about:

- What time frame is ideal for you? Leases are usually available in 24, 36, or 48-month terms. Are you looking for a shorter lease option that leaves you free to change cars sooner or a longer option that may be more affordable?

- Do you want to add on a wear-and-tear agreement to cover normal car maintenance?

- How much are you planning to drive your leased car? Lease terms come with a maximum kilometre per year limit to keep the car in good condition, and exceeding that limit can incur additional costs. Make sure you choose a kilometre limit that will work for you. 

- Don't forget that these terms will factor into your monthly lease payment. Keep your budget in mind when choosing the terms of your lease.

Contact Your Leaser

Once you know what lease options you want, get in touch with a quality leaser with a good reputation

Your leaser will help you find the car and lease plan that meets your needs. Next, you'll need to get a credit check, which can usually be completed online so that it's as quick and easy as possible. Then, you'll confirm your order with your leader, so they know exactly what make, model, and other details you want in your car.

Next comes the fun part — your leaser will order your dream car from the factory and ship it to you, providing tracking updates all the way. If they already have your car in stock, this step will take even less time.  

Business Leasing Made Easy

For many, business leasing is the right solution that's both affordable and flexible. With this guide, you'll be on the road to your leased car — a perfect fit for you and your business!

With full manufacturers' warranty and free nationwide delivery, Interlease is the Cardiff car lease company specialising in personal and business leasing. If you're interested in car leasing in Cardiff, contact them today to find your next leased vehicle and start driving your new vehicle.